Uses for Ventile® Fabrics

Ventile® Grades of fabrics
There are four grades of Ventile®, suitable for a wide range of garment applications. Some of the commonest uses are presented here.


Our mid-weight fabric and the usual choice for garment makers around the world.

High performance outer wear:-
Jackets and pants, raincoats and hats for the city, the mountains, the range. Whether you are out hunting, fishing, hiking, walking, climbing, skiing, horse riding or strolling down the street, this is the fabric of choice for top quality garments. The grade is often used in a full or part double layer format for enhanced performance. It can also be matched with technical linings - an interesting marriage that brings together the comfort and function of a traditional, natural fabric with the leading edge technology of modern synthetics.

Colours: The full swatch range is usually in stock. Special colours and house colours are available to order but subject to minimums.

High Performance Wear

Garment linings:

L24 grade is teamed with other traditional fabrics such as loden to produce very comfortable country wear and hunting garments. When matched with modern fire retardent fabrics, Ventile® is appropriate for fireman's uniforms where a high degree of water repellancy and breathability is essential.

Colours: the full range, usually chosen to contrast with the outer.

Firmen's Uniforms include Ventile

Hospital wear:-
Ventile® is in use in a number of countries for surgical gowns. Such is the density of weave that aerial dispersal of skin bacteria is considerably reduced. This helps with maintaining a sterile environment whilst allowing staff to work in a comfortable gown. The fabric is suitable for laundries and autoclaves.

Colours: Usually hospital green (jade).

Hospital Wear - Jade Green


A lighter fabric but with the finest yarns and the densest weave.

High performance outer wear:
This grade is often used in a double layer format for jackets but it allows a lighter weight finished garment. An appropriate fabric for windshirts and fashion items.

Colours: A reduced range with fashion colours to order.

Garment linings:
Commonly used as a lining fabric because of its lighter weight in combination with other fabrics. This grade is specified by the defence garment industry as a lining fabric for cold weather clothing. When supplied as a military cloth, test reports and Certificates of Conformity to specification are issued.

Colours: A reduced range but includes nato green.


The heaviest commercial grade.
This weight is ideal for performance garments that have to protect the wearer in more extreme weather conditions. It is popular with users that have to manage in very low temperatures and snow. The slightly heavier weight than L 24 provides that little extra comfort and warmth in poor conditions.

Colours: A reduced range.


The heaviest grade for military use.
A specialised Ventile® for the defence garment industry. This fabric is used for pilots immersion suits that would be worn by aircrew when flying over water. Its high level of breathability enables the fabric to cope with pressure changes in rapid climbs and descents. Because of its high degree of wind resistance and, again, breathability, it is also specified for use in tents by the British Antarctic Survey team.

Colours: Nato green or blaze orange where high visibility is important. This fabric is available to special order only and is subject to minimums.

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